I have a nice bottle of Champagne; is it possible to use this at an in-home presentation?

Yes, and we will advise you on how to correctly store and prepare the Champagne for the event.

Does it have to be a Blind Tasting, or can I choose the wines?

Although Blind Tastings can be a fun and enjoyable experience, we will cater to you requirements, depending on product availability and budget.

I am interested in learning a bit of etiquette, but am worried that it may be a little stuffy and formal. Are the courses very regimented?

No. Our courses are designed to be fun and interactive with conversation and questions are always encouraged. They are designed for you to enjoy yourself whilst learning something new, and, no we do not quiz you at the end.

I am only interested in some aspects of etiquette; can your courses be fine tuned to what I need?

Yes. Our courses are flexible and catered to your requirements.

I think that I have good manners, so why should I need to do one of your courses?

Good manners have an extremely important place in society, but etiquette compliments the kind words by displaying engaging mannerisms and social polish.

Knowing how to handle yourself in all situations, whether business or social, is an important component and will enhance every interaction, whilst leaving a good impression.

Why settle for good, when you could be exceptional.

For your pre-wedding course, is it important for the entire bridal party to do it, or is it just for the bride?

That is entirely your choice, but as your wedding is arguably the most anticipated, important and expensive day of your life it is vital to make it truly fabulous. Having both  yourself and the bridal party completely polished, poised and elegant will not not only enhance your big day but give you wonderful skills to strengthen your life together. 

There is no reason why the Groom and his attendants cannot be included in the pre-wedding course.

What benefit will my child receive in completing your Employment Enhancement Program?

Interviews are not only about your academic achievements or what you say, but how you present yourself. That first impression, and whether you have the necessary social skills to interact with others in the workplace, will be the difference.

This course teaches your child the essential "extra" skills to make that fabulous first impression, enhances their social confidence and gives them the tools to deal with clients and customers.

How will your Business Etiquette Course help improve my business?

The business world is now so competitive, and high tech, that the importance of face to face interaction has been neglected. Our course offers your staff the chance to refine their business social skills, enhance their cultural awareness when doing business internationally, and make a great impression when entertaining business colleagues and clients.

Remember - You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression (and secure that business contact or deal).

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