All of our workshops can be tailored to your individual or business requirements.



Employment Essentials

Employment Enhancement Workshops for Year 11/12 Students


Now more than ever before, obtaining employment can be a challenging and stressful proposition. Not only do you need to have the technological and educational know how but also the social skills to handle any employment situation.

Through this workshop, Year 11/12 Students will be taught how to shine at interviews and continue to impress once working.

Topics covered include:

Presentation, deportment and appearance.
(making a memorable first impression)
Meet and greet dos and don'ts.
Good manners, how they are essential in every employment setting.
Overview of Business Etiquette/ International protocol.


"There are two kinds of people in this life;
Those who walk into a room and say,
"Well here I am."
And those who walk in and say,
"Aaah there you are."


Which type are you?


Workshops can be catered to both the school and students requirements.

These are skills that will serve you for life.


Business Etiquette


Here is an outline of the Business Etiquette workshop that we offer:


Provide your frontline staff the means to portray a positive image for your company/business.
Enabling your staff to look and act the part to enhance your company profile.
Cultural considerations when doing business internationally....
The Business Lunch or Dinner. The correct etiquette of business dining.


The workshop may be catered to your individual business needs.

Dining Etiquette

Dining Etiquette Workshop:


The correct dining etiquette, formal/informal/cocktail party.

Table settings and decorations.

Correct use of cutlery and stemware.

Use of the Napkin.

Cocktails and canapés.

Serving and pouring wine/ champagne.


Cultural differences.

Invites, RVSP's, Thank you notes and gifts

Pre-Wedding "Polish"

You have taken the time and money to look the part. Allow me the time to help you be the part.


Looking fabulous for your wedding is only half the fun. At Beyond The Napkin we offer fun and interactive In-Home Sessions that give you that extra "polish" to truly shine on your big day.


Topics covered include:



   -Alighting the wedding vehicle.

   -Ascending and descending the staircase.

   -Wonderful posture whilst walking down the aisle.


Stylish and elegant meet and greet

   -Tips to make every guest feel special whilst you appear flawless and polished.


Dining with style

   -Maintaining the momentum by looking elegant whilst enjoying your wedding meal.

Champagne Etiquette.


Sessions are flexible.

They are neither stuffy, nor boring, and are catered to individual requirements.


Even Kate Middleton had etiquette lessons prior to her wedding.

Can You afford not to?

Afternoon Tea

Presenting the Afternoon Tea etiquette workshops.


A quick look at the history and types of Afternoon Tea.

How to brew your tea, serve and drink it with style.

Afternoon Tea faux pas.

Which delicacy do you partake in first?The correct way to eat your scones.

Napkin etiquette.

Invites and thank yous.

Overview of Champagne Etiquette, and most importantly enjoying your afternoon bubbly with elegance and style.

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